Even with all of the controversy that surrounds Terry Richardson’s work he still photographs some of the most influential people in the world.  This, obviously, is a photograph of President Barack Obama and is a perfect example of Richardson’s style of work.  In this image, Richardson again utilizes the rule of thirds, not placing Obama in the center of the photo but rather drawing the viewer’s eye away from the negative space and toward the subject.  Obama is wearing white and black (it is hard to find an image that Richardson has taken where the subject is not dressed in black and white).  The white backdrop and harsh lighting strongly contrasts the black of Barack Obama’s pants and the darkness in his skin color.  Richardson also uses the lighting to create a shadow behind Obama, outlining his white shirt separating the subject from the background.  The brightness resolution in this photograph is extremely high, made obvious by the light reflecting from the subject’s skin.  Terry Richardson also famously uses very low saturation in his color to create higher contrast against his seamless white backgrounds.