The subject of this photo is Cara Delevigne, an extremely well known international supermodel from Britain.  Surprise (sarcasm)! She’s wearing Richardson’s signature black and white and she is against a white seamless backdrop.  Once again, in this photo, Richardson utilizes the rule of thirds drawing the onlooker’s eye toward the subject while her arm and ponytail frame her face and neck.  Richardson uses light to highlight Delevigne’s drastic features, especially her angular collar and cheek bones.  This picture, being in black and white, creates an even larger contrast than the previous images examined.  The blacks in this photo (around her eyes, her shirt, and her eyebrows) create heavy and stark contrast to the white backdrop and her white shirt.  It seems like a simple technique-to increase contrast against a white backdrop to draw the viewer into the darkest parts of the image (in this image particularly her eyes)-but it is one very explanatory of the simple elegance Richardson portrays in all of his shots.  He takes the most simple aspects (a white background, a single flash, black and white clothing) and frames them in a way that creates a beautiful image, that is not only pleasing but interesting to the eye.