Graphic Ad Critique

The graphic ad that I chose to use was found on; a website dedicated to interesting and new uses of advertising. The ad is a graphic ad for symantec, an American based computer security software firm. At first glance it may be hard to tell exactly what the ad is trying to get across but after a second look you can see that it is an extremely clever advertisement.
The first thing we see in this picture is the subject. The subject is a little girl sitting in what we are led to believe is her room. We can infer this because of the social cues, or connotation used in the ad. The walls and bed are pink, usually associated with youth and innocence, and various stuffed animals are arranged in the background which, societally, we associate with childhood. The audience should also notice that the little girl is on a computer. The illustrator of the picture depicts the computer as large, almost oversized, and very dark in contrast with the light pink in the rest of the room. These elements make the laptop look almost menacing, like the elephant in the room that could crush her if she did something wrong.
Then your (the audience’s) eyes move back to the adults in the window in the background. These people are immediately out of place. They are all dressed in ways that typical Americans do not associate with children or innocence. The man all the way to the left is wearing all black complete with black hair and a moustache, again, a typically menacing color. The other two people are scantily dressed and look provocative and are under the influence of what looks like alcohol, specifically beer. Then your eyes might drift to the tagline in the bottom right corner of the advertisement that reads “Best to keep some windows closed” accompanied by the logo for symantec.
The over-arching message of why you should buy the security software becomes very clear, that your children could be in danger of being corrupted by people like the ones in the window. This ad plays on the audience’s emotions and also their societal values.
I think this advertisement is very well constructed and I think the way that they use humor and emotion pulls in the audience and does a great job getting exposure for their product which is the sole purpose of the advertisement when all is said and done. They also target a very current topic and their target audience very well with the issue facing many parents regarding their children and new technology.